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Matthew 24 and Revelation – Fulfilled in AD 70 or Future? Part 1

by Michael Sullivan

The Importance of Eschatology (the study of Bible prophecy) and Introducing This Series

Many Conservative Christians have come to understand that we can’t put a blind trust in many of the scientific or medical “experts” when it comes to climate change, Covid, the lockdowns and the follow-up toxic so-called “vaccines.” 

Putting trust in bought off well polished political “experts” has also proven to be worthless at many points in this Nation’s journey.  Clearly the world hasn’t ended every 10-12 years with the “climate crisis” simply being a Communist fear tactic to introduce a carbon tax and that being a means of controlling freedom loving individuals. 

When the “climate crisis” did not produce the desired effect mask mandates, Covid lockdowns, and “vaccines” became the means by which the New World Order and opportunistic Democrat Socialists used and continue to use to bankrupt the middle class redistributing the wealth of our great country to corporations and globalist banks – all the while seizing power for themselves. 

Becoming an “expert” in these fields and peddling the Globalist lies have made many rich.  For an example Vice President Al Gore has made millions peddling the theory that the world is going to end every 10-12 years because of “climate change” in a continuously changing repeated cycle.

Many Conservative Christians get frustrated when they can’t shake their liberal friends and even some Conservative friends from their sheep like trust in these “experts.”  We desperately want them to study and challenge these false paradigms and scams before we lose our country and freedoms to this progressive unconventional attack.       

But how many of these same Christian Conservatives who want to wake the public from putting a blind trust in the above mentioned “experts” then turn right around and put a blind trust in so-called  biblical “prophecy experts” which are on TV, radio, popular internet podcasts, and litter the bookshelves in contemporary Christian bookstores?[1] 

As the climate crisis “experts” continue to lose credibility when the world doesn’t end every 10-12 years, so do the biblical “prophecy experts” when, over the last 2,000 years, the repeated prophecies of Armageddon and the rapture continue to go unfulfilled.

These “prophecy experts” claim to be “convinced” “based upon the bible and contemporary events” that some plague, natural disaster, evil ruler(s), war, etc. are all evidence that Jesus is coming “soon” in “our lifetimes” and in “our generation”.

This is based on how they read and want Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation to be interpreted.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that once again some prominent well intended Christians are claiming that Covid is a plague and the vaccine passports are the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the book of Revelation and thus another fulfillment of the “signs” Jesus gives in Matthew 24 and thus we are the “terminal generation” destined to be “raptured” off the planet or experience the Second Coming. 

This as well as other contemporary events such as Israel becoming a nation in 1948, the continual threats of war, earthquakes, etc. are somehow paving the way for Armageddon and the rapture. 

I mean after all some of the vaccine patents have the numbers “666” in them or that since an “eagle” and “dragon” are mentioned in Revelation this is further evidence that America (eagle) and China (dragon) are fulfilling or will be imminently fulfilling these prophetic events.  These are some of the most embarrassing and misguided examples of twisting Scripture I have ever seen.  

Some of these “prophecy experts” have realized (like Al Gore) that if you can convince Christians that Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation are teaching the end of the world and “rapture” is imminent for our generation – it can be a very profitable venture indeed. 

And just like the “climate change” shell game always has an excuse as to why the world didn’t end 10-12 years ago but will in the next 10-12 years, these “prophecy experts” always come up with new “newspaper” evidence as to why Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation is predicting the rapture and end of the world is coming “soon” in our generation.     

It seems that ignorance on what the Bible teaches of Matthew 24 and Revelation coupled with pride consumes many well-intentioned Christians (as it once did me), to the degree we can’t seem to fathom the idea that we aren’t living in any other time than that of the climax or end of world history.  After all we are just that important.  Therefore, these folks can’t seem to read Matthew 24 or the book of Revelation any other way. 

The spirit of studying for oneself or “testing” what the “prophecy experts” teach as a “Berean” is an art and discipline that has been lost – let alone taking the time to take a hermeneutics class.  But that is changing, and we are experiencing a reformation in the area of eschatology (view of Bible prophecy) on many fronts.

As a result of trusting in these so-called “prophecy experts,” the Church as the “sleeping giant” always finds itself behind the eight ball when it comes to developing strategies against evil tyrants and systems.  Why?  Well, the Church (mostly Futurists and lately the public face being Dispensationalism) seems to think the Bible has prophesied everything is supposed to get worse and worse in our generation just before Christ comes to “rapture” us out of this mess. 

Thus, these folks are content in merely exposing evil (The New World Order/Global tyranny; medical tyranny, China, etc.) with the expectation this is all a sign of an imminent “rapture” or departure from it.  They have no concept that we will be in this world for a very long time, and we need to create long-term strategies against these Globalist tyrants and their tactics. 

In the coming series of articles, I will walk us through Matthew 24 and show how all the signs, the destruction of the Temple, the end of the [old covenant] age, the great tribulation, abomination of desolation, the gathering of the elect, times of the Gentiles and Christ coming upon the clouds were all fulfilled in Jesus’ contemporary AD 30 – AD 70 “this generation” (Mt. 24:34). 

And since John’s version of the Olivet Discourse is the book of Revelation, it too confirms the events written to seven first century churches would be fulfilled “shortly” and “soon” – in anticipating the 3 ½ years (i.e. AD 67 – AD 70) judgment of Jerusalem – the city guilty of crucifying the Lord of Glory (Rev. 1:1; 11:1-8; Rev. 22:6-7, 20). 

I will be arguing John’s first century audience (not us) were to use a common cryptogram to identify the “666” character who was Nero Caesar the “sixth king” or Caesar who was alive in John’s time (Rev. 13:18; 17:10-11).  If Christians did not acknowledge Emperor worship (that is confess Nero as the “son of god”) the buying and selling of goods was very difficult if not deadly.  The “666” and “mark of the beast” references have nothing to do with a modern evil ruler or vaccine computer chips / vaccine passports.   

While the New World Order and vaccine passports are wicked their influence is only a modern or secondary application of these texts and not the primary fulfillment which was reached imminently in the first century.  There have always been wicked tyrants throughout history who have wanted to rule the world and suppress Christians through these kinds of tactics and principles. 

God raises up aspiring world leaders and tyrannical systems like Pharaoh/Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Rome/Nero, apostate Judaism, etc., so that He might purify a backslidden Church through persecution and demonstrate His power over His enemies when He is finished with them.  As scary as the New World Order and their “Great Reset” / “Build Back Better” / “Operation Lockstep” / “Agenda 2030” is, they can only go as far as God allows them and no further (ex. God restraining Satan in the book of Job, Dan. 4:34-35, etc.). 

In the days of Esther God’s people faced the threat of extermination and of course God stepped in and turned the tide by simply causing the King to not sleep and having the book of memorable deeds read to him.  This and establishing Mordecai and Esther in the right places at the right time. 

And I’m sure in John’s time the sea beast (Rome) and the land beast (apostate Jews) seemed to be forces too great for the Church ready to devour them, but in the end, God turned them against each other while allowing the Jerusalem Church to flee to Pella from the wrath God poured out upon the land of Palestine in the Roman / Jewish war.    

God has sovereignly allowed the New World Order to be stronger and have more influence than many of us ever imagined.  And since it is not God’s will to take Christians out of the world (Jn. 17:15), we need to be active against this enemy and develop long term strategies.  We must actively look for godly leaders who know their Bible’s and seek God’s face to run for local and national offices. 

At this point we need to pray for a President that will truly put “America First” and not Israel, Pfizer or his ego.  Initially I had hoped President Trump was using a tactic “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” when it came to Israel and the vaccine enriching war machine, but I think a more common-sense approach tells us he was played by them and still is.[2]  We need to get back to growing our own food or at the very least network with local Christian farmers.  Stop complaining about corrupt journalists and enter the field yourself with other Christians who are beginning to buy and develop TV news platforms. 

We need to buy firearms and form Christian militias as the Bible and our Constitution allows.  Christians once founded Colleges, hospitals and led the way in medical discoveries.  We were inventors forming various industries.  What happened to that spirit?  Clearly Andrew Torba and the Gab staff are committed to developing parallel alternative Christian societies and services to be prepared for what is coming.  Are you preparing and using the gifts God has given you?

We can cripple those who seek to oppress us merely through prayer and following godly principles and common sense.  As this series will prove, no modern leader is the fulfillment of “666,” and a 5 foot 7 Jew floating down on a physical cloud is not going to rapture you off the planet from the mean New World Order and its destructive tactics.  Nut-job “prophecy experts” like John Hagee want a war between Israel and Islam and support modern Israel killing and stealing land because he thinks this will get him “raptured” off the planet “soon.” 

He is the perfect “Christian” the Globalist Zionists, and the New World Order are looking for to easily manipulate and mold.  The Globalists have long planned WWIII to be started between Israel and Islam to enrich themselves and gain wealth.  The process makes nations weak financially and dependent upon their banks and currency system. 

This was their approach in WWI and WWII and it worked well for them.  I believe WWIII has already begun with the bioweapon and color revolution attack coordinated between foreign enemies such as the Globalists and China which has been further facilitated by domestic enemies such as Gates, Fauci, Obama, Biden, big tech, etc. 

When this war gets to a more conventional phase and reaches us what will be your response?  I know what mine is – I wrote an entire book on the subject, Armageddon Deception The Eschatology of Islam and Zionism a Biblical Response.  How are you going to try and de-escalate this war from ever happening if your eschatology wants and needs it to happen so you can be “raptured”?  And if WWIII will happen or is happening, how will you pick up the broken pieces when the “rapture” didn’t take place as you so confidently predicted? 

King Jesus is described as the “Faithful and True Witness” in Revelation who promised to come upon the clouds in the lifetime and generation of those standing next to Him or “soon” in the events of AD 67 – AD 70 (Mt. 10:22-23; Mt. 16:27-28; Mt. 24:34; Rev. 2:16; Rev. 3:11; Rev. 22:7, 20).  Either Jesus is “Lord” and was faithful to keep this promise or He is a “liar” or “lunatic” for making it. Either the NT writers were “led into all truth concerning things to come (that is issues of eschatology)” and inspired when they likewise taught Jesus was “about to come” or was coming “soon,” “quickly,” “in a very little while and will not delay,” (cf. Acts 24:15 YLT; Rms. 13:11-12; Jms. 5:7-9; 1 Pet. 4:5-7; Heb. 10:37; etc.) or the NT really isn’t inspired.  It really is that simple. 

I will be defending the position that Christ did come upon the clouds in the first century as God had come upon the clouds in the OT.  When God came upon the clouds in the OT it was symbolic or metaphorical language, and He was seen or understood to have come in judgment by means of using an invading army (ex. the Assyrians or Babylonians). 

Following the language of the prophets Jesus predicts the end of the old covenant age (not the end of world history) and Him coming upon the clouds is a judgment that would be seen or realized through Him coming through the Roman armies to judge Jerusalem in the events of AD 67 – AD 70 (Lk. 21:20-32 / Mt. 24:30-34). 

This series is going to be a “red pill” for many, and you will find it makes the most sense of anything you have ever heard when it comes to interpreting Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation.  But for others it will make them VERY angry because it upsets unbiblical traditions and forces one to think. 

Many of us are very “comfortable” where we are and don’t like to be challenged outside of our theological or eschatological box and tribe.  And some of you may be put out of a job if you preach this from the pulpit.  And yet many a preacher from the pulpit has told his congregation that they must be willing to lose their jobs to stand up against this Globalist and medical tyranny and trust God to provide.  Are you also willing to lose income (if it comes to that) in order to preach and teach the truth – even if it is not the popular or denominational position to take? 

We are indeed living in testing and trying times on many fronts – but if we get on our knees, repent, and seek His face we may have a real Biblical revival/reformation that will strengthen this nation to be greater than it ever has been.  But the storm is coming, and you must prepare yourself in every area because greatness in your personal life, the Church or Nation will not come without severe testing and cost.  This is the cost of freedom and the cost of following King Jesus wherever He may lead.  If we honor His Word, He will restore us and turn back our enemies (Ps. 56:4-13). 

The Great King and His New Covenant Kingdom came in its mature form in AD 70 when the physical, temporal, and typological Old Covenant Kingdom ended — during the Roman Empire and it is everlasting, ever increasing, spiritual / within us, can never be shaken by world powers, and is completely sovereign over all kings and nations of this world who do His biding and can go only as far as He alone determines (Lk. 17:20-37/Lk. 21:27-32; Lk. 1:33; Mt. 21:43-45; Jn. 18:36; Dan. 2; Dan. 4:34-35/Prov. 21:1; Dan. 7:13-14; Isa. 9:6-7; Heb. 12:18-29; Rev. 11:1-15; etc.). 

We fear no man or tyrannical system – we only fear the Living and True God – King Jesus.  In part 2 we will begin an exposition (or interpretation using the grammatical / historical method) of Matthew 24 to further support the opening statements and foundation laid thus far in this article.

Click here to read Part 2

[1] Of course, I am not just appealing to folks like Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, Robert Jeffress, etc., but also those who despite their newspaper eschatology are doing a great job in exposing the New World Order and the destructive jabs such as Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Stew Peters, Clay Clark, etc.  Jones seems to see the problem with the pre-trib “rapture” folks and wants to prepare Christians for the conflict with the New World Order but is mistaken in that we will go through some future Great Tribulation and that this somehow involves the New World Order in Matthew 24 and Revelation.  The Tribulation and wrath upon the land of Palestine was an event from AD 67 – AD 70 and thus fulfilled in Jesus’ contemporary generation.  The Preterist position is not only more exegetical than the Futurist post-trib rapture view, but it equips the Church to develop long term strategies against the New World Order – which I believe is what Alex Jones is trying to prepare Christians for.  I humbly recommend Alex read these articles and my new book in order to prepare us to fight the NWO.  I have been watching his shows since Andrew Torba posted his moderated debate between Nick Fuentes and Robert Barnes over U.S. foreign police with Israel.  In my humble opinion Nick won that debate.  As a theologian whose expertise is in eschatology the tell for me that Nick won the debate was twofold.  The first was in Jones question posed to Barnes at minute marker 29.  Barnes was not correct to say modern Christian’s support of Israel is 90-95% for purely political reasons and not their view of Israel and the Bible.  The truth is they give Israel a 90-95% support for what they think Matthew 24 and Revelation teaches about modern Israel and they we must support or bless them because they are allegedly God’s people.  Barnes seems clueless that modern Dispensational “Christianity” has been hijacked by unbiblical Zionism.  The second tell that he lost the debate is that afterward he falsely accused Nick of being “anti-Semitic.”  Alex’s work in exposing the New World Order’s attack on the U.S. is second to none but when he ventures off in newspaper eschatology, Satan, demons, half-breeds of lizard people / aliens I look at me wife and give an “ugh.”  We will cover some of these issues once we get into Matthew 25:31-46; Romans 16:20/Genesis 3:15 and the judgment of Satan, the Watchers and hybrid spirits/demons of Genesis 6.  What exactly are the dark influence outside the gates of the New Jerusalem today that are behind wars and the NWO (Rev. 22:15)?  I hope to give a more Biblical response and exposure of what the Satanic worship of the NWO is and if there is any power behind it.   

[2] I voted for President Trump twice and traveled to DC Dec. 12th and Jan. 6th of 2020 to support him.  While I see Zionism as a blind spot for him, I am not content in complaining and criticizing him as others do on the Internet, but rather I wrote an entire 464 page book (dedicated to him – Armageddon Deception The Eschatology of Islam and Zionism A Biblical Response) with the goal of helping him see why Biblically and historically Israeli and Evangelical Zionism is not Biblical.