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Is Russia fulfilling the Prophetic War of Gog and Magog?


by Michael Sullivan

Well, here we go again – the 1970’s and early 1980’s TV “prophecy experts” are calling and they want their “Russia,” “Russia,” “Russia” newspaper eschatology back front and center because Russia is invading Ukraine and since Russia kind of sort of sounds like the “Rosh” of the Gog and Magog war in Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 19-20 – there you have it!  Even though John tells his first-century audience that Christ’s coming and this war were events that would “shortly” take place or “about to be” fulfilled (Rev. 1:1, 19YLT — 22:7, 10, 20) in the imminent war of the Romans and Jews, the religious con-artists can’t resist running the same scam again!  

A Biblical Response to Varieties of Zionism – Part 1

by Michael Sullivan


In this series of articles, we will turn our attention to answering very important theological and political questions regarding modern Israel.  Is modern Israel Biblical Israel and does she have any prophetic significance today?  Should modern Jews be considered “God’s people” having some divine right to steal, kill and conquer in the middle east according to the OT and NT?  Were all of the “in the land” promises fulfilled in the OT and were they typological of being fulfilled spiritually “in Christ” today in the new covenant age?  Are most modern Jews today in Israel biologically related to Abraham?  And if modern Israel does not fulfill the land promises in the Bible, then when and how were these prophecies fulfilled?  Was 1948 a miraculous gathering of biblical Jews into land or simply an ungodly Talmudic Zionist Rothschild project? 

Christmas Meditations: Jewish Expectations of a Divine Eternal Messiah – Part 2

Coming Upon the Clouds of Heaven in Judgment (Dan. 7:13-14; Mal. 3-4)

by Michael Sullivan

Click here for part 1


In Part 1 of our series, we looked at the modern Zionist or “Jewish” objection to Christianity around this time of year (Christmas) – “the OT nor Jewish tradition teaches the concept of a Messiah that is divine or has eternal origins.  Christianity is purely made-up religion completely foreign to Jewish thought and theology.”  We of course were able to demonstrate that Jews indeed expected a divine Messiah from Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:6-7 and Micah 5:2. 

Here in Part 2, we continue demonstrating the Jewish expectation in a divine eternal Messiah, except now we turn our attention to Second Coming passages.  Here we encounter another “Jewish” objection on the alleged failure of Jesus to come upon the clouds of heaven in His contemporary generation:

Christmas Meditations: Jewish Expectations of a Divine Incarnate Messiah – Part 1

(Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:6-7 and Micah 5:2)

by Michael Sullivan


Many Christians do not celebrate Christmas viewing it as a pagan Roman Catholic holiday while others do but focus on celebrating the incarnation of the God-man – Jesus Christ instead of talking about Santa Claus.  Many modern Jews around this time of year scoff at Christians for holding the doctrine of the incarnation or teaching that the Messiah is divine having eternal origins.  They insist that Christians have “invented their own religion separated from the OT Scriptures and Jewish traditions.”  They insist that they have taught all along that Messiah is to be a mere man.  Is this true? 

They also mock Christians for ignoring that Jesus taught His Second Coming would take place in the first-century generation (Mt. 10:22-23; Mt. 16:27-28 and Mt. 24:27-34) and therefore, was a false prophet.  Space forbids a detailed dive into these subjects, but we can begin to scratch the surface by addressing some key texts and what Jewish tradition has taught concerning the eternal origins of the Messiah and Jesus’ claims.    

The complexity of the God-head existed in the OT before we even reach the NT and the Christian view of the Trinity emerges.  If the Scriptures said that no one could see God and live (cf. Ex. 33:20), how is it that these same Scriptures taught that people saw Him on the earth (and didn’t die) while at the same time He sat enthroned in heaven running the universe?  Didn’t God come in human form, even talking and eating with Abraham, wrestling with Jacob, and leading the armies of Israel?  How was God in heaven seated on His throne ruling the universe while at the same time being in the form of a man doing all of these things?  The Jews debated and struggled over these issues.    

Matthew 24 and Revelation – Fulfilled in AD 70 or Future? Part 2

by Michael Sullivan

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Having pointed out the importance of interpreting Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation in developing long-term strategies against the New World Order and beyond, we now turn our attention to giving a proper exegesis/interpretation of Matthew 24 here in part 2.  This article will focus on the disciple’s question(s) and what “age” would come to an end in Jesus’ contemporary “this generation” (Mt. 24:3, 34).  This and how the general signs Jesus gave were not signs for our generation but were fulfilled prior to AD 70.