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Parallel Economy Success Story: How Gab Inspired the Making of a Children’s Toy

by David Mauro / Talking Jesus Doll

After raising 3 kids and realizing that none of their toys had any spiritual value, I had the idea for a Talking Jesus Doll. It would be a plush toy that says phrases that Jesus said in the Bible. It would be a tangible way to reach and teach children in their formative years about the love and lessons of Jesus Christ. I had this idea a couple of years ago, but I filed it away into the ‘good idea’ section of my brain – like so many others. Fun to dream about but just an idea…

Like many other domestic terrorists, I joined Gab when my Twitter account was nuked for promoting dangerous ideologies like freedom, liberty, and Jesus. I loved the story of how Gab was started by a proud Christian and how the tiny upstart was growing in the face of attacks by Big Tech, Big Bank, and Big Media. A modern David versus Goliath. 

And I remember reading posts by Gab founder Andrew Torba who wrote about how Christians are builders. My school never taught that, but – of course! – it was Christians who built the beautiful cathedrals, universities, music, art businesses, families, nations, and societies of our world. Christians improved the lives of all people through invention and technical innovation that came from the providence of God.

Christianity was the common denominator across the age of human advancement. When you look around America and Europe, you can see the vestiges of the Christian Renaissance. But in the last decade, the great institutions Christians built have been hollowed out by the cult of the Marxist left. They are destroyers whose values are death and destruction.

Then one year ago, Torba laid out a vision of a parallel Christian economy. It was a call to action to exit these broken, oligarch-controlled systems and start new ones. We should build our own economy based on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ – which is one of redemption, hope, love, sovereignty, freedom, and forgiveness. Build. Take action.

This resonated with me. It nagged at me. It haunted me. It inspired me because I knew he was right. At that same time, the plandemic revealed just how lost our institutions really are. The only way to avoid tyranny in our corporate-controlled world is to not play the game. But you can’t opt out if there isn’t anything to opt into. 

It made me realize that I am of the cloth of those who came before me – and that we are all needed now. I thought about that idea I once had and the impact it could have on introducing children to Jesus. Big Church is inept. Big Toy isn’t making Christian toys – but woke toys that teach wokeism which distances children from their parents and their Creator. More than ever, children need Jesus in their hands and their lives. The right product at the right time and Torba’s vision made me realize that I was the right person to take action to build something.

So we got busy and built the Talking Jesus Doll. And it wasn’t just us – but thousands of others who took action to create new companies built with Christ at its core. So, we are all now in the arena. The Parallel Christian Economy. With support, we will be an unstoppable force for good. A bottom-up approach that will be the beginning of a new Christian Renaissance.  

David Mauro is the founder of Talking Jesus Doll.  We are building the toy company of the #paralleleconomy. The Talking Jesus Doll was made by Christians for Christians to help raise children with the love and lessons of Jesus Christ. We are part of the Parallel Christian Economy with a mission to put Jesus in the hands of every child. Teach your kids before the world does.