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The Triumph of Christian Beauty

by Arthur Kwon Lee

It’s been a little over six months since I announced the biblical painting series I’ve been working on. Currently I have completed number four out of twelve stories from the Old Testament in the studio, Creation, The Fall, Cain & Abel and The Flood.

I’ve called this series my magnum opus because I believe it is going to be some of my greatest work thus far. This body of work has the potential to revitalize Christian symbolism and aesthetics into the hearts and minds of those indulging in the mainstream, onto enemy territory, where the fight matters. It’s my goal to bring God into what has been traditionally regarded as the “secular field”, the art gallery and the fashion industry being hijacked by Satanic radicalism.

Behind the Scenes of Cain & Abel

Now in contrast, recently we’ve been shaken by the Balenciaga rabbit hole. The blatant desire to normalize using children for their LGBTQP agenda that We the People swiftly rejected in spades. Whether it’s their top designer Lotta Volkova’s transhumanism or their top model Hannah Rose Dalton’s disgusting worship of child-killing art repulsing the general population of the American people.

But this is nothing new in the art world.

The many cancelled talent of faith has been shouting from the roof tops pointing at the evil of Marina Abramovic, Hunter Biden’s money laundering with Berges gallery and the Podesta art collection.
Fine art use to be about beauty functioning as a doorway to Christ like Bezalel in Exodus, the ultimate form of evangelism that transcends both language and culture. Nowadays the art gallery is merely an arm of collectivist propaganda on the low end and the progenitor of Satanism on the high end.

 As Christians, we must take the culture back.

So, my plan is to go on a biblical tour exhibiting the stories from the Old Testament, ideally in the most degenerate and sinful blue state cities as possible. But for me to continue onwards, great art requires great patronage. And I’ve been shadow banned, demonetized and cancelled endlessly for my adamant stance on Christian art reigning supreme over modernity.
If you would like to support the production of world class fine art created with the intention of preserving the Good, the True and the Beautiful consider becoming a monthly patron here, any amount helps and it makes it possible for what it is that I do.

In the spirit of expanding Christendom, I want to present you all with a beautiful, limited-edition print just in time for the Holidays. My most media-covered painting this year Christ Pantocrator. This lavish 11 x 14” print comes with an embellished antique gold frame and is ready to hang inside your home as a reminder that as Christians we must have both bible and sword at hand to go forward.

Pre-orders are available now and set to ship December 17th in time for Christmas for a loved one or significant other.

There will only be 30 available and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’ve spoken on stages across our country that art and beauty is the most under-utilized but important tool to winning the culture wars because the very nature of beauty is religious. Beauty reveals the ugliness in their own hearts, it is the sunlight that forces the vampires that they are to hide in the shadows where they belong. Without any statistical analysis or pew researched evidence it instantly shows where the protagonists and antagonists of the narrative are.

This is why they hate beauty, because beauty is innately Christian.

The aesthetics of the disciples tell you everything about the ideology.

They hate beautiful churches, beautiful families and beautiful art.

They function as transcendental mirrors pointing out the degenerate condition of their spirit, relationship to their parents and the nihilistic lack of vibrancy in their own homes.

They hate us cause they ain’t us and it is dramatically sad when you can’t unsee it.

Beauty will save the world.

Arthur Kwon Lee is a classically trained fine artist who was awarded International Artist of the Year in 2020 only to be blacklisted six months later by the New York City art industry for his outward Christian and conservative stance. Arthur is most known for promulgating both positive masculinity and aesthetic reverence for Christendom. He is the founder of the Genesis Council, an art collective dedicated to spreading the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Arthur is currently working on a mission-oriented painting series titled the Blood & Fire Project, dedicated to spreading honorable and wholesome masculinity through the arts into the homes of freedom loving Americans.

Find him here: