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Gab’s Statement on Facebook-funded Graphika and Their “Misinformation” Report

Gab is a company that exists to promote American values on the global Internet including defending, protecting, and preserving free speech for all people.

It’s not Gab’s job to “fact check” political opinions, news, history, math problems, memes, or anything else.

We have three jobs:

1. Build scalable technology that empowers everyone to speak freely.

2. Take action to prevent and remove any illegal activity in our community.

3. Make money to fund the development, operation, and growth of the platform and community.

That’s it. This isn’t complicated.

Last week Facebook-funded Graphika, which goes before Congress on Thursday to testify on alleged “disinformation” on the Internet, published a report which suggested that our site is a hotbed of “Russian disinformation.” Graphika’s press release was quickly followed by a hit piece on Gab which was published by our perennial detractors at Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.

Respectfully, Facebook-funded Graphika knows nothing. We are an American company that abides by all American laws and are in regular and continuous contact with U.S. and international law enforcement on public safety matters.

It is our policy to never comment on these contacts. If there is unlawful activity on our site of any kind, the governments of the United States and her allies know whose side we are on and all are fully aware of how to contact us.

Graphika’s “Science Director” Vladimir

We have millions of accounts on Gab and do not require any person to verify their identity before logging on. Graphika cannot possibly know who runs any given account on our site. The best the company can do is guess.

Absent any indication that an account is unlawful we are not prepared to take the word of a startup with an agenda to deplatform any account on Gab. We will always give precedence to legal process over supposition and innuendo, especially from organizations which are funded by our main competitor.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King