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Gab Is Inevitable

As many of you know yesterday Gab was blacklisted by Visa for “hate speech.”

ReclaimTheNet and WND covered this if you’d like to read more about what happened. 

Credit and debit payment processing is the final attack vector that our enemies have on us. Gab has already been banned from both App Stores, hosting providers, and dozens of third-party services such as mass emailing, business tools, and more. We spent all of 2019 building each of these things on our own to keep Gab online. In the process we became incredibly resilient against no-platforming attacks. When you own your own servers and build your own email system you can’t get banned from them. 

Alas, Gab is not a bank. At least not yet.

Payment processing, in particular credit/debit card processing, is the one weakness that our enemies attacked. Thankfully they can’t stop us completely and more importantly: they can’t stop you from supporting us. We are still able to accept eCheck payments, which requires about as much effort as entering in your credit/debit card info. Think of it as a digital check. You can also mail us a physical check or money order the old fashioned way to our PO Box. Finally, you can utilize bitcoin, or what we like to call free speech money, to support us as well. 

Gab is the most no-platformed alternative technology company because Gab has refused to bend to the demands of Apple, Google, Paypal, and Visa. A few years back when Apple called us and said that they would allow us on the App Store if we banned “offensive” content, we refused. After years of being forged by fire, Gab has proven itself to be the most resilient of any alt tech platform. 

Our community of millions of people from around the world will only continue to grow as Silicon Valley continues to crack down on dissent and truth. 

Gab is inevitable. 

Andrew Torba


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