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Gab Fears Only God

Gab is a First Amendment company which means we tolerate “offensive” but legal speech.

We believe that a moderation policy which adheres to the First Amendment, thereby permitting offensive content to rise to the surface, is a valuable and necessary utility to society. It allows unorthodox but correct views, such as the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory or the Hunter Biden laptop scandal– both of which were banned on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but permitted on Gab– to propagate.

It allows hateful ideas, such as anti-White CRT, to be exposed and subject to scrutiny and challenge. It also allows Americans, and others around the world, to enjoy the full measure of their human right to speak freely online. Supporting the mission of freedom online means having the stomach to accept that people will say “edgy and offensive” things. When people have the freedom to discover the truth, they start to notice something about the reality of our discourse “boundaries” in the West that is unsettling.

Our broken society and culture have no problem whatsoever discussing and questioning any atrocity in world history except one.

We have no problem discussing, questioning, and praising any other world leader in history except one.

We have no problem generalizing and being critical of any group of people except one.

We have no problem discussing the castration of children, degeneracy, vulgarity, profanity, blasphemy, drugs, satanism, baby murder, and every taboo subject under the sun except one. 

I don’t even have to say which “one” for you all to know exactly what and who I am talking about–and that’s the problem. We all know, but we are too afraid to say it out loud. Why? This is the United States of America. This is the free and open internet. If we can talk about every other historical event, people group, religion, and taboo we should be able to talk about this. 

Frankly, I believe the time to start speaking the truth boldly and loudly is right now. Not from a place of hatred or malice, but from a place of love. We love our nations. We love our families. We love our neighbors. We want to see them all thrive. That’s not happening right now in our society. The reason for that is the people in power do not fear and love the Lord. They serve satan and they serve themselves. You can either serve satan and the self or you can serve Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground. We want leaders who serve and obey Jesus Christ. Period. 

The Regime’s anti-Christ religion depends on these issues being untouchable subjects. Which is exactly why—as free people who fear only God—we can and must openly talk about them in order to destroy their sacred cows and smash their idols. If we break down their barriers on discourse we can and will remove them from power and restore order in our countries once again.

We will replace them with leaders who fear and love the Lord. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Gab is the one place on the internet that allows this to happen with words and Truth. Which is exactly why the Regime has worked so hard to try and destroy our platform. That’s why they have defamed us and gone after our families and friends. That’s why they banned us from banks, app stores, payment processors, hosting providers, and so much more. That’s why they tried to buy us, threaten us, and intimidate us. They are the most powerful people, businesses, activist groups, and governments in the world with infinite resources, but we serve the most powerful and infinite God.

We do not fear them at Gab. We fear Him.

Many Christians will message me or leave comments saying I need to remove profanity or “Nazis” from Gab or whatever they deem to be “not Christian.” They ask me how I can tolerate these things on Gab as a Christian leader and the answer is simple. 

First: Gab is a free speech site. You control what you want to see, not us. You can mute entire words if you never want to see them. You can block or mute or unfollow people you do not want to see. Gab’s job on the moderation side is to make sure there is no illegal content being posted according to US law such as threats of violence or child exploitation. Otherwise, 99.9% of moderation on Gab is done by the users themselves on their own profiles and in their own groups. 

Second: I want everyone to be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the kindness, patience, and charity of Christians. Even the “Nazis.” Gab may soon be the one place online where people hear about Jesus. I have seen countless Gabbers return to Christ, get baptized, and start going to church after being inspired by other Gabbers and the Holy Spirit. Why on earth would we not want things like that to happen here?

I was reminded of this today when a woman on Gab sent a message to my wife saying “I can tell you that since I’ve been on Gab my life has transformed because the platform is so encouraging and it’s like a bible study with likeminded believers when I get on.” We receive messages like this from Gabbers every single day. 

Gab is the home of free speech. It’s where taboos, sacred cows, and “untouchable” conversations go to die. It’s where freedom and the Gospel of Jesus Christ which provides that freedom–can be found. 

Gab is the home of the parallel Christian society. They can’t cancel us here. We no longer care about being canceled in their anti-Christ regime society because we are building our own–everything. Our own social media platform. Our own community. Our own economy. Our own payment processor. Our own news and media outlets. Our own entertainment. All of it build on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ–and we are only just getting started. 

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King of kings