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Why I am Voting For Donald Trump And You Should Be Too

Joe Biden has one thing right: we are battling for the soul of America.

Our choices are clear. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris we get a Chinese Communist Party-owned President and a Silicon Valley-owned Vice President. With Donald Trump we The People get four more years to save the Republic from a hostile foreign invasion and coup.

Back in 2016 I warned the world about Big Tech’s tyranny and censorship. I lived and worked in Silicon Valley. I experienced the way that these people think, how they act, and in particular the way that they treat Christians, American patriots, and Trump supporters.

These people are sick.

They care only about power, status, and money. They will do anything to get it, including hiring foreign workers over Americans, taking blood money from the Chinese Communist Party, and destroying the lives of American citizens with whom they disagree politically.

Proverbs 3:7 tells us to “fear the Lord, and depart from evil,” so that’s exactly what I did. I departed from the wickedness of Silicon Valley and started building what would become a digital Noah’s Ark in preparation for the storm that I knew was coming.

Over the past four years Gab has been building a solution to Silicon Valley tyranny while at the same time warning about the flood of censorship that we are now seeing unfold before our eyes. Gab has survived and thrived through the wrath of Silicon Valley and our story should serve as a warning for what is yet to come.

Gab has been banned from 25+ service providers, banks, payment processors, app stores, hosting providers, email services, and more. My family was even blacklisted by Visa with a Communist Chinese Party Social Credit Score-style smear. Fellow patriots and especially fellow Christians please heed my warning: they are coming for you next.

The real threat of a Biden-Harris administration is the Chinese Communist Party infiltration of our technology and our government. We are very clearly under attack and at war, yet very few people are talking about this.

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As I’ve said in the past, TikTok should be banned from the United States immediately. I don’t say something like this lightly as the CEO of an American company that itself is banned from both app stores.

Don’t get me started on video conferencing product Zoom and their links to China.

Silicon Valley “leaders” go out of their way to appease the Chinese Communist Party. Mark Zuckerberg even allegedly offered President Xi of China a chance to name his unborn daughter. He also spent a year learning Mandarin to pander. If these people would sell the right to name their children to appease the Chinese Communist Party, don’t think for one second that they won’t sell out our country too. 

As I have already highlighted extensively, Kamala Harris is deeply connected to Silicon Valley power players. Big Tech has been pouring money into the Biden campaign all year. Kamala Harris has also called for President Trump to be suspended by Twitter.

If you think Facebook and Twitter censoring this NYPost article to help the Biden campaign is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. They won’t just stop at banning your social media accounts. They will make it nearly impossible for you to exist on the internet. They will come for your job. They will come for your ability to bank. Then they will come for your family.

Trust me, I’ve lived it.

If you care about the future of America, the future of the free flow of information on the internet, and the future of free speech then it is imperative that you cast your vote for Donald J. Trump on November 3rd.

I know I will be.

God Bless,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King