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Twitter Accepts Ad Money From Communist Chinese State Media Agency Xinhua to Discredit Protesters in Hong Kong

Twitter is accepting ad dollars from the Communist Chinese State Media Agency Xinhua, Pinboard reports. As protestors fight for their fundamental human rights in the streets, Silicon Valley giants continue to put profit before principles in bowing to the Communist Chinese government in their attempt to discredit protestors in Hong Kong.

PATRIOT Google Insider Goes Public With Hundreds Of Internal Documents Showing Conservative “Blacklists” And More

Zachary Vorhies, a Google insider, has gone public with leaked documents from Google. Project Veritas has the scoop which shows the dark side of Google. After Google issued a request for police to perform a “check up” on their insider as an intimidation tactic, this led Vorhies to leak the documents. Within these documents included evidence that Google was in fact trying to alter elections and treat conservative voices differently than those on the left.

Senator Hawley Talks About The Right Big Tech Problems, But His “Solutions” Are Bonkers

A new bill has been proposed by Senator Josh Hawley which would limit the amount of time individuals could spend on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Gab. The legislation is called the “SMART-Act”, or Social Media Addiction Reduction Act in which Hawley is pushing to fight back against big tech, the way individuals focus spend their time on social media, and how private businesses can design their products. Ah just what I need, the government telling me how I can spend my time online. That’s a real solution folks!

A Mob Of Crying Children Runs Google

There was an insightful article in Wired today about the crying mob of children who run Google. In it we learn who the true masters of the universe are at one of the largest companies on planet earth: the diversity brigade of “tolerant” progressives who shut out anyone who triggers them with “micro-aggressions” or blasphemous WrongThink.

Using a VPN Is Crucial For Privacy And Freedom

Long before he became a household name, Alex Jones warned us about the threat posed by government surveillance. Comparing it to the Eye of Sauron, Jones knew that universal, 24-7 surveillance would allow those in control to predict (and alter) the future actions of citizens, thereby giving politicians and corporations the power to know all things.

Tulsi And Trump Are Both Talking About Big Tech Censorship, Here is The Solution

Given the fact that Big Tech censorship and free speech online are two of the most important topics of the 2020 election cycle, I wanted to write to all of the candidates to propose a censorship-proof solution to Big Tech bias. One that puts a political campaign 100% in control of their 2020 social media presence, not Silicon Valley. 

Evan McMullin’s PAC Gives Free Advertising To Gab and Free Speech

Evan McMullin, the former CIA operations officer, Goldman Sachs investment banker, and failed Presidential candidate, has a PAC called Stand Up Republic which recently ran some free advertising for Gab and free speech on the internet. The ad refers to Republican Dan Bishop’s 2017 nominal investment of $500 in Gab in a crowdfunding campaign that was open to everyone and in which thousands of people participated.