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LinkedIn blocked 21.6M Fake Accounts In First Half of The Year, In Other News LinkedIn Is Still A Thing

LinkedIn stopped and removed a bunch of fake accounts this year, but the bigger story here is that LinkedIn is still a thing. LinkedIn is notoriously used by crazed “activists” to dox people they don’t like and get them fired from their jobs for tweets they sent ten years ago.

Twitter agrees to meet with Manchester United To Stop “Pathetic Trolls”

The block and mute button are wonderful tools for grown adults on the internet who understand individual responsibility. When someone makes meanie pants statements or starts “trolling” you the solution is real simple: block and mute.

Boom, problem solved.

YouTube killing built-in ‘Messages’ feature next month

YouTube is killing their DM system. They don’t want you communicating in “private” on their platform anymore. In fact, in an ideal world they don’t want you exchanging messages at all. They want you passively consuming videos and ads, all day long. Like a good consumer data slave. RIP YouTube messages.

Google, Apple, And Mozilla Block Kazakh Surveillance System, But Continue To Use Their Own On You

Good news everyone. Big Tech is putting a stop to Kazakhstan spying! Bad news everyone. Big Tech isn’t putting a stop to their own spying on your inbox, web traffic, purchasing history, and more. Borat isn’t very happy and you shouldn’t be either.

Twitter Falsely Suspends UK Student After Mistaking Him As A Chinese “Disinformation Agent”

The gang over at Twitter Inc thinks a student in the UK is a Chinese state actor disinformation bot. Incredible stuff. People underestimate just how often things like this are happening. Big tech is an absolute mess. Billions of dollars, thousands of the “brightest” engineering minds in the world, hundreds of human content moderators, and random students are being suspended for no reason.

New Report Highlights Conservative Concerns With Facebook

Former Senator Jon Kyl conducted a review of potential anti-conservative bias at Facebook and found that conservatives were concerned about many different areas of bias in Facebook policies, products, and enforcement practices. The study interviewed 133 conservatives to gather their concerns and summarize them in a new report which was provided to Facebook.

Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind

“What’s on your mind?” is about to take on a whole new meaning. Facebook has been making their first strides with mind reading technology, but with all of their current privacy concerns in the news users should really be taking a closer look at this technology before it gets officially unveiled for use. Actually, you have to be insane to think, pun intended, that this is a good idea. You’d have to chain me down and drug me to plant this stupid device in my brain.

Big Tech Has An Extremist Problem And No One Seems To Care

In November of 2018 Gab faced what would become a months-long smear campaign and one of the most coordinated no-platforming efforts in internet history. This followed after a mass shooter, who will not be named, allegedly took the lives of eleven innocent people and also happened to have an account on Gab as well as other social networks.